• 1st Place Lyrical

  • 1st Place Modern

  • 1st Place Tap

  • 1st Place Soloist (5 Stars)



  • Complete the Sign Up INFO Form, to the right, in the grey box to receive audition dates, times, and invitation.

  • Auditions invitation only. Sign up receive invitation.

  • Wear dance attire (Leotard, tights, appropriate dance shoes)

  • Hair in a bun

  • Bring photo, resume or letter why you want to dance.

  • Ages 3 to 19 years

  • Private auditions. No visitors in audition area.

  • Selecting 8 - 20 Dancers approximately

  • Results will be posted on this page within 2 - 3 weeks

  • No food or drinks.

  • Dancers will be taught a routine and  have a 

       flexibility assessment



  • Some weekends up to 6 - 8 hours

  • Some Teachers workdays

  • Evenings up to 2 days to daily

  • Early Dismissals

  • Summer Month June and July

  • Training classes for technique

  • Rehearsals for choreography

  • Schedules varies based on age

  • Additional information given to dancers who are selected only!



2020 - 21 Competition Team

We are excited about bringing together dancers who are all serious about performing who wants to take all styles of dance technique classes, improve flexibility, and work ethics to win competitions.

If your child do not want to audition but still want to be apart of the dance competitions enroll in all the Legends Dance Classes to be observed during class for a teacher's recommendation.  When the teacher recognizes the student's  ability to execute all the required elements needed to be on the competition team a letter will be given.  We do not give a length of time, but the minimum requirement is six months up to one year.  It is 100% based on the dancer progress in class.  However, the dancer will perform for all the performing arts productions which is in December and May. 

Please fill out the form below to request to enroll in class and skip the audition.

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